Replacement Care Hospitality Pilot – further information

The Replacement Care Team are currently looking at more innovative ways for unpaid Carers to receive a break from their caring role.

We have initiated a pilot on using hotels and other types of accommodation to provide short stays at a discounted rate at the discretion of the provider for those who hold a Carer’s Emergency Card and their Cared For person.   We currently have approximately 18 hotels in Torbay and more than 200 nationally on board with the project.

The proposal is detailed below:

  • We are promoting the use of willing hotels and similar accommodation to provide discounted respite breaks for unpaid Carers and their families – the discount will be at the provider’s discretion.  
  • Carers can use hospitality for:
    • taking a break themselves whilst the person they care for remains at home
    • the person they care for to have a break with their paid carer, or
    • both the unpaid Carer and person they care for to take a break together.
  • The establishment will not be required to offer anything additional to their usual services other than some form of discount for these Carers (again, at the provider’s own discretion).  It is entirely up to the hotel how they apply this discount.  They will not be responsible for providing any type of care outside of their usual remit.
  • Carers will produce their Carers Emergency Card as proof of their caring role.  Where this is not possible, the Trust will provide confirmation (Torbay Carers Team, Debi Porter – contact below).
  • At present, this pilot is aimed at those who are self-funding or who are in receipt of a Direct Payment.
  • Payment will be made in the usual way – the Carer will settle the bill with the establishment at the end of their stay.  Where Carers have a third party (i.e. Disability Focus) managing their finances through Direct Payments, an invoice or proforma invoice may be issued.
  • The pilot will be steered initially by the Replacement Care Team in order that we can measure outcomes. 
  • The Trust is not commissioning these breaks and as a result will not be responsible for any liability.  The Trust is simply signposting Carers to accommodation providers who are keen to offer them a discounted stay.

We hope to eventually have a list of all establishments on our website in order that Carers can source the information themselves. Follow this link for a full list.

Please contact Debi Porter to assist you with arranging any breaks.

Debi Porter, NHS, Torbay Carers Service (01803 881334 / 07880 136859),

Torbay Carers Together