Carers Aid Torbay

How can we help?

Carers Aid Torbay support unpaid Carers in Torbay. We offer help, information and advice, as well as practical and emotional support. Our aim is to help reduce some of the stresses and problems Carers face.

Carers Aid Torbay also offers several advice services including Bay Benefits which offers assistance with benefits and Entitlements. This can involve simple advice, or completing the forms on your behalf. Bay Benefits also walks Carers and their cared-for through the appeals process.

What we do…

Carers Aid throughout the year run groups in the Olive Carers Centre such as a book club , and a Ancestry group. Also during the year there are several days out planned, in the past they have taken Carers to Sidmouth, Dartmoor and Christmas Shopping in Exeter.

Please click on the link below to see more information about how Carers Aid Torbay can help and support you.

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