Replacement Care in Torbay

Replacement Care Hospitality Pilot

The Replacement Care Team identified more innovative ways for unpaid Carers to receive a break from their caring role throughout a two-year project.

Now the project has ended there is an offer of hospitality at hotels and other types of accommodation at discounted rates to make breaks more accessible to Carers. We currently have approximately 19 hotels in Torbay and more than 200 nationally which offer the scheme.

  • Carers can:
    • take a break themselves whilst the person they care for remains at home
    • arrange for the person they care for to have a break with their paid care worker, or
    • arrange for both the unpaid Carer and person they care for to take a break together.

More details about how the scheme works is available here.

To view the list of hotels / guest houses follow this link.

Please contact Debi Porter to assist you with arranging any breaks.

Debi Porter, NHS, Torbay Carers Service (01803 881334 / 07880 136859),

Torbay Carers Together