Technology to support Carers

New technologies can make caring easier and there are many areas of caring that can be helped by having the right equipment and the right access to information.

NRS Healthcare will help you to identify products that could make your caring role better, with a range of items focused on keeping the person you care for safe and linked in with you.  To find out more please visit NRS Telecare – Telecare Equipment.

IT skills and access for Carers

We want to help you to get online if you want to.  We can provide you with advice and support about which equipment would suit you best, discussing funding options / prices, trouble-shooting or having a ‘buddy’ to practise with (either online or socially distanced). 

Computers and smartphones are being used more than ever, and we hope to remove some of the blocks to making technology work for you.  Healthwatch’s Digital Health offers help with anything related to technology supporting people’s health: appointments, prescriptions, doctor’s e-consult and hospital’s Attend Anywhere (appointments by video call).  For more information contact Healthwatch Devon on 0800 052 0029 or visit

Healthwatch will also provide Carers with general support and troubleshooting over the phone or by accessing your computer remotely.  They will provide:

  • Help with problems you are experiencing with your current devices
  • Advice on how to set up your computer and / or internet access
  • Guidance on what your computer can do
  • Suggestions on how to make best use of your compute, or if it is necessary to upgrade
  • Help with most other computer-related queries

Why get online?

With access to the internet you will be able to:

  • Video call friends and relatives in the comfort of your own home
  • Have some GP and hospital video appointments for yourself or the person you care for without having to travel or organise replacement care
  • Look up your ancestors
  • Link with other people either by email or social media such as Facebook
  • Book GP appointments / prescriptions at any time of day without having to call the surgery
  • Shop online for groceries or other goods
  • Find information / training that can help you with your caring role and much more
  • (or just play on-line scrabble when there’s no-one else at home)

If you would like to know how to access the services above, or to book an appointment, please call Signposts on (01803) 666620 or email

Torbay Carers Together